5 Steps to a Powerful Explainer Video

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Whether you are a small business owner and need to showcase your expertise, a retired salesperson who wants to share your secrets with the next generation, or a passionate hobbyist who wants to talk about your favorite sport or activity, a great explainer video can help you do it all. Explainer videos are more popular than ever, and they are routinely used by small startups, established businesses and individuals.

If you have scanned YouTube lately, you have probably seen, and possibly watched, an explainer video or two. Whether it is the avid fisherman showing you how to expertly bait a hook or the construction worker explaining how to cut and form a wall, these videos are powerful tutorials, and powerful tools.

Making and posting an explainer video is easier than ever before, but not all videos are great or even useful. If you watch these videos for any length of time, you will no doubt notice a marked difference in their quality. If you want the explainer videos you produce to be useful to your audience, and good for your business' bottom line, you need to craft your explanations and build your video with care. Here are 5 easy steps to a powerful explainer video.

Set the scene.

Before you shoot a single frame, make sure the background is high quality, and that there is nothing distracting to draw the eyes of your viewers. Pay close attention to what will be behind you when you film, and keep the background as sparse and minimalist as possible.

Decide what you want to do, and what you want to focus on.

If your subject is an overarching or complicated one, it may be best to break your explainer video up into smaller and more accessible steps. A series of videos focusing on wall construction, floor board cutting and roof rafter design is much more accessible than a single video that explains how to build an entire house.

Write your script and time it out.

You will want to know how long your explainer video will be before you pick up a single camera, so take the time to write your script and test things out. Read your script aloud until you can recite it from memory, and time yourself so you can easily adjust your pace.

Invest in the right equipment.

You could make an explainer video with the shaky handheld camera on your smart phone, but why would you? If you are designing an explainer video for business use, you need quality equipment backing you up. Even if you have to rent that high-end equipment, make sure you have it before you start.

Get a friend to help you.

Many first-time videographers try to do everything on their own, but having a helper will make the process much easier. Something as simple as having someone to hand you a tool or demonstrate a concept can be a huge help, so don't go it alone.

A powerful explainer video can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, and a great way to showcase your expertise and build the authority of your brand. Whether your business is installing computers, building houses or teaching algebra, you can create an explainer video that showcases your talents, builds your audience and allows you to share what you have learned.

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